Yield App & Volt Join Forces to Revolutionize Crypto Engagement

• Yield App and Volt have formed a strategic alliance to enhance user access to crypto investments, improve security measures, and offer innovative features.
• The partnership will provide customers with Open Banking solutions that link with 1,800 banks across Europe for instant cryptocurrency purchases.
• Both companies are focused on providing users with education resources, inclusivity, security, and convenience when it comes to digital asset investments.

Yield App & Volt Form Strategic Alliance

Yield App and Volt have joined forces to revolutionize crypto engagement and eliminate barriers to entry into the world of digital assets. With this strategic alliance both companies are working towards their primary objective – making crypto investments more accessible to everyone across different walks of life.

Open Banking Solutions

The joint venture between Yield App and Volt will allow customers to instantly buy cryptocurrency through their bank via Volt’s Open Banking solution that links with 1,800 banks across Europe. This gives users the convenience of diversified options for their investments as well as the assurance of secure payment methods from Volt’s expertise in digital payments.

Innovation & Education Resources

The collaboration also introduces an array of innovative features such as instant payment processing systems and multiple withdrawal options aimed at improving user experience while imparting financial literacy through education resources. In addition, both companies have made a commitment to provide top notch security measures in order to protect user funds and instil confidence in crypto investments.

Empowering Customers Through Inclusion & Innovation

The objective of the partnership is centred around creating a sustainable investment environment where customers receive all-round support through education, security, and inclusivity. By working together they can help redefine how individuals interact with digital assets by empowering their customers through inclusion as well as innovation.


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