XRP Price Surges 10%: Active Addresses Up 200%, Whales Move $70M

• XRP has seen a resurgence in value over the past 7 days, rising approximately 10%
• An increase in active addresses has been noted, with over 107K added in the past week
• Whales have been engaging massively in transactions, with 193 million XRP worth almost $70 million being moved in the past 24 hours

The crypto market is still feeling the effects of the crypto winter, with many crypto assets struggling to stay afloat. However, the new year has brought a positive turn for some tokens, with XRP being one of them. Over the past seven days, the price of XRP has risen by approximately 10%, according to data from Coincodex.

This increase in value is largely due to an increase in active addresses, with Santiment reporting that there were 41K active addresses on January 8th, but that number has risen to over 148K in the past week. This represents a rise of over 200%, showing that XRP is being used more than ever.

This growth in active addresses is being mirrored in whale activity as well. WhaleAlert reported that in the past 24 hours, whales have moved 193 million XRP worth almost $70 million cumulatively. This shows that XRP is increasingly being used by large investors, which could be a sign of the token’s increasing value.

Overall, it seems that the crypto winter is finally coming to an end for XRP, as the token has seen a resurgence in value over the past week. This resurgence is being driven by both large and small investors alike, with active addresses increasing and whales engaging more and more in transactions. As the crypto market continues to rebound, it will be interesting to see if XRP can continue its upward trajectory.