Why Investing in Property Beats Bitcoin: The U.K.’s Resilient House Market

• The UK property market has consistently outperformed crypto in terms of house price growth.
• Despite economic headwinds dampening the rate of house prices, they are still a better investment than bitcoin.
• Bitcoin provides options such as flexibility and liquidity that houses cannot provide.

The Advantages of Investing in Houses

The UK property market has historically been a reliable source of profit for long-term investors. House prices have generally gone up over time, even when other markets suffer due to economic headwinds. In spite of the Great Recession and Covid-19, house prices have continued to increase at a steady rate – 10.4% more than the previous year according to an article by the Property Reporter. This means that buying a house is still one of the safest investments someone can make, as it is unlikely to lose its value significantly over time.

Bitcoin vs Houses

In comparison to cryptocurrency such as Bitcoin, houses offer much more stability in terms of long-term investments. Although Bitcoin plummeted during 2020, dropping 40.9% year on year according to Alice Bullard from estate agent Nested, houses have remained resilient despite economic headwinds dampening their growth rate towards the end of 2022. Therefore it could be argued that investing in property is much safer than investing in Bitcoin due to its relative stability and unpredictability on markets affected by external factors such as global events or politics etc..

Long Term Investment Strategy

When considering whether or not to invest money into buying a house instead of Bitcoin, it’s important for potential buyers to think about their long term investment strategy and goals before making any decisions. Having your wealth tied up in a 25-year mortgage may not always be the best strategy if you want some flexibility and liquidity with your investments – something that owning cryptocurrency can provide but owning property cannot match up against.

Risks Involved with Investing

No investment comes without risk, no matter how safe people perceive it to be; there are always risks involved when investing either in property or cryptocurrency regardless of which route you choose to take with your money management strategy. Therefore buyers should do their research thoroughly before committing any money; this includes researching both asset classes (houses vs bitcoin) and looking into different ways they can diversify their investments across multiple areas depending on their own individual goals and preferences e.g pension funds/ stocks & shares etc…


Ultimately when deciding whether or not you should buy a house instead of investing in bitcoin comes down to personal preference and individual circumstances; both asset classes come with pros & cons attached so buyers must weigh up all options carefully before taking any actionable steps forward with either option presented here today!