Robert F. Kennedy Warns of ‚War on Crypto‘ and Financial Tyranny

• Robert F. Kennedy Jr., a 2024 presidential candidate, believes that the “war on crypto” may have led to the recent bank failures.
• Kennedy has also been vocal about other polemic topics such as anti-vaccine propaganda and health-related conspiracy theories.
• He is strongly opposed to the US exploration of central bank digital currencies (CBDCs) which he believes could lead to financial slavery and political tyranny.

Robert F. Kennedy Jr.

Robert F. Kennedy Jr., nephew of the assassinated president’s brother, is an environmental lawyer and a 2024 candidate for the US presidency. Notably, he is also a proponent of cryptocurrency and has spoken out against several issues in American society including anti-vaccine propaganda and health-related conspiracy theories.

The War on Crypto

Kennedy recently tweeted that the FDIC and SEC war on crypto could likely have been the cause of the SVB, Signature, and Silvergate bank failures, citing an Ellen Brown blog report. Additionally, he warned against Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDCs) proposed by The Fed which he believes could lead to “financial slavery” and “political tyranny” if implemented in July this year as planned.

Frustrated Presidential Prospect

Given his views on these topics, it is reasonable to assume that Kennedy will receive a significant amount of negative press coverage from more mainstream candidates in his run for presidency in 2024. However, those who support innovative technologies such as cryptocurrencies may still find hope in his advocacy for their causes even if his prospects diminish with time due to opposition from government entities or mainstream media outlets.

Questions Remain

It remains unclear how much sway Kennedy will have over public opinion given his outspokenness on controversial matters such as CBDCs when up against larger entities with greater resources at their disposal that are either supportive or opposed to them respectively . Furthermore, it also remains uncertain if his views will be taken seriously enough by major news outlets or other presidential candidates for him to remain competitive in upcoming elections should he decide to pursue them further down the line.


All things considered, Robert F Kennedy Jr.’s views on cryptocurrency and CBDCs must be taken into account when considering potential solutions for current banking crises as well as future technological changes that could potentially affect all Americans regardless of political ideology or personal preferences towards cryptocurrencies specifically