Battle of Olympus: Conquer the Cyberpunk City and Claim Your $GODLY Rewards!

• Chainwire Battle of Olympus will launch its presale for their in-game currency $GODLY on March 27th.
• Battle of Olympus is the first flagship game developed by Revenant, a decentralized gaming ecosystem founded in 2022.
• Players can use $GODLY to purchase items and boosters or for wagering in PVP matches; rewards are a bonus rather than the primary reason for playing, and players can own their character as an NFT.

Chainwire Battle of Olympus Launching Presale

Chainwire Battle of Olympus is set to launch the first phase of its presale for its in-game currency $GODLY on Arbitrum on Monday, March 27. The earliest investors will benefit from getting the $GODLY token at its lowest price – with the price increasing through four rounds – starting at $0.0221.

About Revenant and Battle Of Olympus

Battle of Olympus is the first flagship game developed by Revenant, a decentralized gaming ecosystem founded in 2022. The game stands alone as one of the few Web3 games with a fully working demo, with an update due in Q2 2023, and an upcoming collection of in-game digital collectibles. Set in the cyberpunk city of Olympus, it allows players to fight against other players and several Greek gods to battle your way to the top and conquer the metropolis! Play the demo here.

Gameplay Focused

With a team full of hardcore gamers, Battle of Olympus‘ developers understand that long-term success requires engaging gameplay that keeps players hooked for hours on end. Therefore, Battle of Olympus provides gameplay unlike any other based on roguelike and RPG elements but without sacrificing player enjoyment or project sustainability for reward potentials. Rewards are simply a bonus rather than being the primary reason for playing. Additionally, digital collectibles such as fighters can be minted as Non Fungible Tokens (NFTs) allowing users to trade or sell them on Revenant’s Marketplace platform.

What Is The $GODLY Token?

The primary ERC-20 token within Battle Of Olympus is called $GODLY which has several uses to benefit both players and investors alike; these include using it to purchase loot boxes, consumable items and boosters but also wagering during PVP matches too!

Play The Demo Now!

What sets Battle Of Olympia apart from most Web3 games is their demo released back in 2022 where players can battle each other as either Zeus or Hades just like classic fighting titles such as Street Fighter, Tekken or Mortal Kombat! You can play this demo now!